Tentos - invenções e encantamentos

Tentos - invenções e encantamentos

With a musical career that is already filled with solid experiences — Powertrio, Almost a Song, Turba Multa, and, of course, Deolinda — Luís José Martins finally makes his solo debut, recovering some of the mystery and enchantment of Renaissance and pre‐baroque music, but also writing an adventurous series of modern tunes for guitar that have placed him in the limelight, just where we always suspected he would be.

All compositions by Luís José Martins
Recorded by Hélder Nélson at Igreja do Convento de S. Bento
in Avis, Antiga Igreja do Convento de S. Francisco in Coimbra
and Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional in Lisboa;
Produced by Luís José Martins; Musical assistance by Joana Sá;
Mixed by Eduardo Raon (1, 2, 3 & 6) and Hélder Nelson (4 & 5);
Mastered by Eduardo Raon;
Executive production by Travassos for Trem Azul;
Design by Travassos; Illustrations - Galileu Galilei’s drawings
from observations of sunspots, moon and Pleiades constellation;


Gonçalo Frota
"After Deolinda, Powertrio and Almost a Song, Luís José Martins discovers what his guitar sounds like when he's left alone with it. Tentos, Invenções e Encantamentos is a work of revelation, where the creator overcame the interpreter."

Pedro Esteves
"this revelation as a solo artist adds [Luís José Martins] to the magnificent lot of Portuguese composers and interpreters of the classical guitar" (...) "A few months from now this record will turn into something of a comfortable warm blanket. Tentos has the kind of charm that doesn't take much from the listeners' imagination. All we have to do is let ourselves go along."