with Eduardo Raon and Joana Sá

Eduardo Raon · Harpa
Joana Sá · Piano
Luís José Martins · Classical Guitara


POWERTRIO – is an ensemble dedicated to composition/interpretation of contemporary music and also to improvisation. Started in 2007 by three composers/interpreters with classical background and vast experience in other musical genres. This rare instrumental combination allowed Powertrio to develop a unique sound, taking advantage of the idiomatics of each instrument as well as of the vast “chamberistic” possibilities of this ensemble. Aware of classical’s music legacy, POWERTRIO uses and subverts contemporary musical archetypes, logics and solutions questioning and seeking integration of crossmedia resources. POWERTRIO – whose name derives from the classical Rock music line-up (guitar, bass and drums) – refers to the attitude, drive and intuitive musical action that best sum up Rock music. In a place where composition and spontaneous musical gestures battle/clash/compete, POWERTRIO performs (onstage) a narrative based on intensity.The audience is invited to experience a place where dimensions morph and where scale, space and time notions are manipulated revealing a peculiar sensorial path. For that purpose POWERTRIO aproaches the piano, the guitar and the harp with no restrictions.


Di Lontan, 2015
Cleanfeed / Shhpuma
What We Think When We Walk And What We Walk While Thinking, 2008
Creative Sources
Four improvisations, 2007




Dave Madden
The Squid's Ear

“Music stands out front of the performers or not, all of these pieces display a universal aesthetic: a dimension of prolonged time, effluent gestures and reverberated shadows held fast by an internal cohesiveness that only comes from an extensive and intimate artistic collaboration shared by its creators.”


Massimo Ricci
Temporry Fault

"And, what’s more, the record is greatly functional also in the habitual “open-window” test which I systematically run with this kind of stuff: it meshes gorgeously with the environment, but the presence remains commanding due to its bigger body of sound. Excellent, sober, intelligent work at times surrounded by a late XIX century classic aura. Recommended."


Vital weekly.net

"The music, being somewhere between composed and improvised, is also on a similar line halfway modern classical music and postrock/improvisation. It is music that is full of tension and mystery; you never know if it's going to burst and explode. Sometimes it does and sometimes it never seems to happen. It makes something quite powerful indeed; the group lives up to it's name."


Daniel Barbiero
Avant Music News

"In fact Raon, Sá and Martins, who formed Powertrio in 2007, create often delicate, shimmeringly beautiful surfaces of sound that put to best use the family resemblances of plucked, struck and strummed strings.From the first track, À flor do mal, the bright timbres of guitar and harp lend a characteristic tone that will color much of the release through various reworkings and filterings. O nervo e a outra dança moves into more contrastive territory, with a carillon-like chiming sound underscoring the piece and playing off the creaking and scraping sounds that arise within its framework. The mood is largely pensive, marked by suspended time and the sometimes surprising dramatic development of rising and falling dynamics. Di lontan fa specchio il mare, an arrangement of a work by Portuguese composer/pianist Constança Capedeville (1937-1992), holds interlocking melodic cells in a now overt, now covert state of tension. This austerely lovely piece is deliberately paced, with each note seemingly weighed and pondered before being allowed to sound. The closing Divertimento lightens the atmosphere with brief and rapid bursts of notes—resembling at times a fractured flamenco—that suggest a dance of halting steps growing bolder and more percussively assured."


Radio Student

"Di Lontan è un disco ostico come un naufragio, dislocato e ambiguo come la via della deriva; ma sa anche cullare come un’onda ed accompagnare l’incostanza dislocata del nostro navigare. buon ascolto."



"Di Lontan réactiva la même année un duo associant EDUARDO RAON et LUIS JOSE MARTINS, élaborant à grand renfort de résonances d'une 4e dimension et transcrivant des plages atmosphériques sereines au rendu desquelles chaque note s'affiche et resplendit dans toute sa plénitude."